DX-Cluster Vorpommern - DB0OVP
DX-Cluster Vorpommern - DB0OVP
DX de DO5AL: 3754.5 DL0RHN LSB 141713Z
DX de W7MEM: 144129.8 K7CADN17MR<>DM37 JT65 Sent: 31713Z
DX de NN9DD: 21248.0 F4GHB 141713Z
DX de WB8VLC: 18078.0 ZB3FKCN84<>IM76HD stronger no 141712Z
DX de WA4IAM: 18100.0 F1RHS 141713Z
DX de PY3EW: 28450.0 DK1X OK 141713Z
DX de UR7GO: 7033.0 DL9GMC 141712Z
DX de DF2LH: 7178.5 RW3XZ WAG 161712Z
DX de DL9IU: 14075.4 ZS6SJR tnx FT8 qso 381712Z
DX de PU2KNM: 24919.0 ZD7JC FT4 73 TU CQ DX 361712Z
DX de F1GRH: 7195.1 DL1SWB CQ WAG 141710Z
DX de R9XM: 7099.1 RN7T 161709Z
DX de F8DGY: 14013.9 EA4URE 11 dB 30 WPM CQ <Sdr_f8dgy 141712Z
DX de N2BEG: 7220.0 KA2LIM LSB 51712Z
DX de DC2VE: 14154.0 KC1XX wag 51712Z
DX de K5FNQ: 24915.0 CN8AM ft8 331712Z
DX de F8DGY: 21021.3 PY3ZZR 8 dB 15 WPM CQ <Sdr_f8dgy 111712Z
DX de EA5FIV: 14093.6 K6MR rtty jarts fb from west coast 31712Z
DX de UN7ZAF: 7146.0 DJ1AA WAG 141712Z
DX de WB8VLC: 18078.0 ZB2FKCN84<>IM76HD cq cq now n 141711Z
WCY de DK0WCY2019/10/19 1718ZSFI=66A=9K=2expK=2R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2019/10/19 1618ZSFI=66A=9K=2expK=2R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2019/10/19 1518ZSFI=66A=9K=2expK=0R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WWV de W0MU2019/10/19 1518ZSFI=66A=6K=2No Storms - No Storms
WWV de VE7CC2019/10/19 1218ZSFI=66A=6K=2No Storms - No Storms
WWV de W0MU2019/10/19 0918ZSFI=66A=6K=1No Storms - No Storms
To ALL de YV5KXE1700Ztelnet> yv5kxe.org:7300 Cluster - yv5kxe.org:8051 FBB - yv5kxe.org:23 JNOS
To ALL de W2ANQ-31648Zover 40 different USCG Auxiliary Stations are scheduled for weekend
To ALL de IT9DIX1644ZDXSPIDER CLUSTER IW9FDD-6 Telnet iw9fdd.homeip.net:7300
Quelle DX-Cluster DB0OVP: db0ovp.de Telnet Port: 411117:13:15 UTC (Refresh nach 120s)Web Interface by DL5DI, 20130104