DX-Cluster Vorpommern - Greifswald
DX-Cluster Vorpommern - Greifswald
DX de JM1XRL: 18100.0 YB3LZ TNX QSO FT8 280250Z
DX de LU8DQ: 7005.5 RL9O CQ CQ 180249Z
DX de NX5T: 7163.0 TO9W 59 in TX 50249Z
DX de W9CY: 7163.0 TO9W 50248Z
DX de W1UU: 14075.9 PY2OX 110248Z
DX de XE2ML: 50313.0 AB5HL DL74QB<>EM12 tu 73 40247Z
DX de K9NB: 3510.0 TO9W 50247Z
DX de W9ID: 7049.0 CF3BP 40246Z
DX de SP5GSM: 3573.0 UA3PAB FT8 -01dB from KO84 1256Hz 160246Z
DX de JM1XRL: 18100.0 E20EHQ TNX QSO FT8 260246Z
DX de AC4BV: 1825.8 OK1CF 579 in VA, 73 150245Z
DX de PY2CAT: 10136.0 W5RYA FT8 40245Z
DX de N5KB: 7036.0 KI6RRN CW 30244Z
DX de VE3EDY: 50313.0 K1LO EN83UA<>FN42HR 50242Z
DX de W1UU: 14075.9 VA2VT 50242Z
DX de W4LES: 50313.0 VE3HP EM84MO<ES>FN03GT 40241Z
DX de W3LPL: 3510.0 TO9W Heard in OH 50242Z
DX de W4LES: 50313.0 VA3TO EM84MO<ES>FN03BM 40241Z
DX de W4LES: 50313.0 KC4AAW EM84MO<ES>EM85SH 40240Z
DX de W4LES: 50313.0 WA1NLG EM84MO<ES>FN41XS 50240Z
WCY de DK0WCY2021/12/02 0018ZSFI=90A=14K=4expK=4R=61SA: quietGMF: minAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2021/12/01 2318ZSFI=90A=14K=4expK=4R=61SA: quietGMF: minAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2021/12/01 2218ZSFI=90A=14K=4expK=4R=61SA: quietGMF: minAurora: no
WWV de W0MU2021/12/02 0018ZSFI=86A=18K=4No Storms - No Storms
WWV de W0MU2021/12/01 2118ZSFI=86A=16K=3Minor w/G1 - No Storms
WWV de W0MU2021/12/01 1818ZSFI=90A=11K=3Minor w/G1 - No Storms
To ALL de GB7UJS0200ZCLUSTER: GB7UJS telnet Port 7373 ID at 0200Z on 2-Dec-2021
To ALL de DD5XX-100100ZHAM lovers: Dont want to see any more FT4/FT8 digital-mode spots on the cluster? N-joy this fast realtime node ---> DD5XX.dxcluster.net:7000 <---
To ALL de SV5BYR-70000ZSV5FRI-1 DXCluster: telnet dxc.sv5fri.eu 7300 / Web interface: https://dxc.sv5fri.eu
DX-Cluster Quelle: db0ovp.de TelNet Port: 411102:52:33 UTC (Refresh nach 120s)Web Interface by DL5DI, 20130104